Frequently Asked Questions


How many batteries does each Laser Tag blaster take?

Each blaster requires four AA batteries

If I wanted to buy different sets of your Laser Tag, would they all be compatible?

Absolutely, you can combine as many blasters as you would like, regardless of which set they are from

Can your Laser Tag be played indoor/outdoor and during the day/night?

While the lighting effects are most visible in low light, you can play both inside and outside, during the day or at night

Does the Robot Bug work with all of your Laser Tag blasters or just a specific one?

The Robot Bug is fully compatible with our entire line of Laser Tag blasters

How far is the range of your Laser Tag?

The infrared technology used in our Laser Tag can reach up to 40 meters, however certain conditions such as direct sunlight can affect the range

Something isn't working correctly with my Laser Tag and I've followed all of your troubleshooting tips. What can I do?

Please fill out the contact form and describe the issue you're experiencing. Be sure to include where you purchased your item(s) with its corresponding order number

Do your sets work together?

Absolutely, all of our blasters and accessories work together

How does your laser tag work without a vest?

There are several sensors on the front of each blaster. Our goal is to provide a new way of playing laser tag where the blaster, not the person, is the target

Am I able to purchase a standalone blaster?

We do not currently sell standalone blasters, however we do offer a blaster and robot bug set that you can find here

Am I able to purchase your laser tag set in-store?

We do not currently sell our products in any brick-and-mortar stores

I've seen laser tag products that look similar to yours on other websites. Are there any differences?

One of the unfortunate side-effects of bringing a popular product to market is that there will always be those who want to capitalize on that success. While we can't speak to the quality or functionality of our competitor's offerings, we can guarantee that our committment to customer satisfaction and the quality of our products are our top priorities

Can I purchase the pink Robot Bug separately?

We do not currently offer our pink Robot Bug as a standalone item

What ages are your laser tag appropriate for?

Our toys are accessible for ages 3 - 103. We pride ourselves in providing "ageless" toys that can bring families of all ages together

Are your products covered by a warranty?

All Dynasty Toys products have a limited manufacturers warranty that covers failures due to defects in material or workmanship for a period of 60 days from original product purchase date. Any misuse from contact with water, cement, or other structures is not covered by the warranty.


Do you ship outside of the US?

Currently we only ship within the US and its territories

Where is my order?

We are typically able to ship out all orders within 24-48 hours, however with the inherent madness of the holiday season that window is subject to increase. Customers will be notified of their order status as it changes. We greatly appreciate your patience

My tracking number shows that my package was delivered, but I did not receive it. What should I do?

Please contact your local post office for more information


I purchased item(s) over 60 days ago, however it was a gift that was only just opened recently and something is wrong with the item(s). What can I do?

We understand the gifting nature of the holiday season and will do our best to accommodate you. Please fill out our contact form and give a brief description of the situation. Be sure to include where you purchased your item(s) and the order number corresponding with that purchase.

I would like to return my unopened, unused item. What should I do?

You can begin the return process by clicking here